We are always on the move, because we understand that actions that involve our team as a whole strengthen and generate connections that build stories. This is our goal: to be part of the story of everyone who crosses our path.
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On 5 June, the Instituto SECI welcomed the Decathlon team for a fun-filled afternoon of sports.

In celebration of Foundation Day, Decathlon organised sports activities such as basketball, table tennis and badminton for our martial arts and tutoring students.
With the aim of bringing parents and guardians even closer to the martial arts students, we organised the No Tatame family week.

During the classes, family members were able to accompany their children, grandchildren and siblings to training sessions and take part in dynamics and learning moments in martial arts, performing warm-up, stretching and agility exercises.
On 11 May, some of the students from the No Tatame project took part in the Judo festival held at Auto Shopping Global in Santo André.

During the event, our young athletes had the opportunity to face students from other academies, and left with participation trophies, symbolising all the commitment and dedication they had shown in the competitions.
As a way of strengthening girls‘ football, the Instituto SECI held the 2nd Girls’ Football Festival on 5 May.

More than 200 girls from the SECI, Pelado Real and ACAFF teams competed in a total of 8 matches during the day, in the U9, 11, 14 and 17 categories. There were fierce matches, accompanied by the attentive gazes and excited shouts of the fans of all the teams, who were able to see these girls shine and overflow with all their talent.
On 4 May, the band Solta o Som gave a performance at the Nelson Cardim School, delighting all the students, parents and guardians present at the school's Mother's Day event.
On 30 April, Max and Renata from Cabot came to Instituto SECI for an alignment and update visit, and to see all of the institution's new spaces.

Cabot is one of our longest-standing investors, who has helped us a lot since 2016 and has always been here to follow the development of projects and the institution's progress.
On 21 April, some of our students from the No Tatame project participated in the first stage of the ABC Judo Circuit, held at the Pedro Dell Antonia Sports Complex.

Facing competitors from several renowned academies, our little athletes showed a lot of determination and grit!
On 18 April, we had the honour of receiving a visit from Athirson Mazzoli, the National Secretary for Football and the Defence of Fan Rights at the Ministry of Sport. The former Flamengo and Brazilian national football team player came to take a closer look at the sports projects developed by the Instituto SECI.

During his stay, Athirson had the opportunity to watch part of the training session of the girls' football team, where he was warmly welcomed by the players, who expressed great enthusiasm and excitement at meeting him.
On Sunday 14 April, the SECI band gave a super performance in Parque Central to commemorate the 471st anniversary of the city of Santo André.

Promoting culture through music and showing the results of the work carried out in the Solta o Som project, the Instituto SECI is committed to always being present at local events, so that more and more people get to know the institution and see how music has a positive impact on the lives of these children and teenagers.
On Saturday 13 April, the No Tatame project held a meeting with the families of our Karate, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu students for the first martial arts meeting of the year.

The morning began with a Judo training session, which took place before the meeting and was attended by more than 30 Judo students, as well as Sensei and students from the Hatsuyume Kan Dojo school, invited by our Judo Sensei Ana.
On 5 April, the Solta o Som band's students gave another performance, this time at the Papa João Paulo I School.

Through 6 songs, including new ones such as "Primeiros Erros (Chove) - Capital Inicial" and "Olhos Coloridos - Sandra De Sá", they enchanted dozens of children and teenagers, students at the school, who gathered to watch a super performance.
On 4 April, the Instituto SECI teamed up with REMS for the 8th edition of the "Sport in the Street" event - an initiative dedicated to democratising sports and leisure activities in celebration of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Under the guidance of our collaborators Aline, Gustavo and Pâmela, the gymnastics class from CESA Parque Erasmo enjoyed a morning of stretching, logical thinking and coordination activities, walking, adapted volleyball and a game of tag.
From 22 to 28 March, the children of the Instituto SECI received a visit from our Easter Bunny, who came to deliver the eggs donated by the Instituto Cacau Show.

The joy and surprise on the little ones' faces was truly contagious, and we're thrilled to have provided such special and fun moments for them.
On 27 March, the Educa Seci team met with the families of our students for the first meeting of the year.

We also took the opportunity to hand out the project's new uniforms, explaining the importance of wearing them during lessons to help students identify themselves better.

On Saturday, March 23rd, we held the first karate training session of the year, which brought together more than 15 students from the No Tatame project here at the Instituto SECI.

In addition to Sensei Tiago, we had the presence of his Sensei, Cintia Yonamine - a former athlete on the Brazilian Karate team - and her black belt students Douglas, Rafael, Matheus and purple belt Elesandra, who together gave a super class to our young karatekas.
On March 20, Instituto SECI was present at Give Back Day, a BTG Pactual bank event, which gathered together in a closing ceremony all the social organizations participating in the BTG Soma Educação acceleration program, which took place during 2023.

Our pedagogical coordinator, Jaqueline, was selected to represent the institution pitch presentation, which demonstrated to everyone at the event the power of the transformation that Instituto SECI brings to the lives of a thousand children and teenagers every day.
On March 12, the No Gramado project team met with the families of our soccer students for a meeting full of valuable information.

We addressed topics such as absences and delays, the use of our app, access to the turnstile at the entrance and exit of students, as well as the care of personal belongings.

Around 160 parents and guardians attended this first meeting.
On March 10, we took part in the Judo Festival and Tournament, which was held at the Noêmia Assunção Sports Gymnasium. 16 of our judo students from the No Tatame project signed up to take part in the festival and championship.

Far beyond the medals they won, which totaled 7 - two gold, three silver and two bronze - the event gave our athletes the opportunity to take part in fights with students from other places, and create very valuable experiences for their lives.