We are always on the move, because we understand that actions that involve our team as a whole strengthen and generate connections that build stories. This is our goal: to be part of the story of everyone who crosses our path.
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A historic day for the Instituto SECI, the presentation of the Solta o Som Seci project at the Conchita de Moraes Theatre was a success!

With the participation of the choir, student band and teachers, who played national and international songs, the show gave the audience of more than 200 people a lot of emotion and a memorable evening.

In a beautiful ceremony to mark the end of the school year, held last Friday at the Instituto SECI, the 210 children and teenagers from the Music Project shone as they were called to receive their certificates, very proud to have taken part in a year full of learning and progress.

On 1 December, we celebrated the end of this important school year with a graduation ceremony, where certificates and the class yearbook were handed out.

It was a very joyful day, the children were in high spirits and didn't shy away when they were called up individually to receive their certificates from their teachers. We believe that it's moments like this that reinforce self-esteem and boost the educational training process.
On 27 and 28 November, the martial arts graduation ceremony took place, a very special moment that symbolises the progress of our judo, karate and jiu-jitsu students and the end of the school year for the No Tatame project.

Families were also able to watch the belt changes, which made the event even more exciting.
On 28 November, the Solta o Som project band took part in the awards ceremony for the 17th Diário do Grande ABC Writing Challenge, held at the Clarice Lispector Teacher Training Centre in Santo André.

To an audience of more than 250 guests, including teachers and students from 30 schools, our band performed a repertoire of 5 songs, including "Tempos Modernos - Lulu Santos" and "Pupila - ANAVITÓRIA and Vitor Kley", stirring up and thrilling everyone who attended the event.
The No Educa Family Week took place at the Instituto SECI on 27 and 28 November, where family members took part in the lessons together with the children.

The teachers prepared various dynamics, such as the Little Monster Recipe, in which everyone has to draw a little monster according to the recipe and then display the drawings and analyse the differences between everyone in the class, as a way of exemplifying how each child's stage of development works.
From 22 to 24 November there was a Family Week on No gramado, where the families of the boys' and girls' football players were allowed to take part in the classes with the students.

The coaches didn't take it easy, and gave them a full workout with stretching, warm-ups and some of the fundamentals of football. It was a fun experience for both the children and the adults.
On 17 November, the Girls' Friendly game took place here at the Instituto SECI pitch, where our athletes played against the Dap/Andreense team.

The game was very tight, and despite losing 1-0, our team showed lot of presence, and it was a great experience for the girls to interact with other players from abroad.
From 24 to 27 October, the families of the martial arts students were able to accompany the kids to class!

With full assistance, family members were able to experience a little bit of a complete Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Karate class with the students.
On 19 October, some of our judokas and karatekas went to the E.E. Pércio Puccini, Prof to present the Instituto SECI martial arts disciplines to the students there.

It was a great opportunity for all the children who didn't know them yet to see up close what it is like to train in each of the disciplines of our No Tatame project.
On 20 September, we took the Good Practices in Education Workshop to Estácio College.

Our pedagogical coordinator Jaqueline, together with the pedagogical supervisor Suheid, spoke to the students of the second semester of the Pedagogy course at the Estácio faculty in Santo André about the successful practices, dynamics and activities used in the Educa Seci project.
12 October was the day to celebrate, have fun and show all the strength and unity that SECI has!

With the help of Instituto SECI staff and more than 70 volunteers from companies, friends and family, we made up a team of 100 people who worked tirelessly to make the day memorable for hundreds of children and teenagers.

We had musical performances by the band Solta o Som Seci and the teachers, inflatable toys, recreational activities, face and hair painting, hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and soft drinks!
Our boys' football students are taking part in the Andrezinho 2023 Championship.

We're playing against various teams in the U11, U13, U15 and U17 categories.
On Saturday 30 September, we were delighted to take part in the Santo André Multicultural Festival, where our band Solta o Som performed ✨🎶

On the stage of the Cine Theatro de Variedades Carlos Gomes, the band, made up of SECI music students, entertained the audience with their repertoire of Brazilian songs, such as "Meu Talismã - IZA" and "Vou Deixar - Skank", and international songs, such as "Love Story - Taylor Swift".
On 26 September, we began handing out the new Solta o Som Project uniforms!
And to open this special moment, we invited our project sponsors to take part in a band rehearsal in the recording studio.

Through the songs "Ouvi Dizer - Melim", "Pupila - ANAVITÓRIA e Vitor Kley" and "Meu Talismã - IZA", the band showed all the power and results of their music lessons.
On 26 September, we started handing out martial arts uniforms to the children and teenagers in the No Tatame project.

We gathered the Judo and Jiu-Jitsu students and with the help of sponsors, the T-shirts were delivered and we could see the joy on the children's faces as they received their new uniforms!✨
On 16 and 17 September, our judo and karate students took part in the NESCAU® Sports League, an event that took place at the Esperia Club in São Paulo, which aims to encourage children and teenagers aged 7 to 17 to take part in various sports and activities.

It was an incredible two days of fun and competition, and our judokas and karatekas brought home almost 40 medals, including silver, bronze and gold!
On 15 September, the students of the band Solta o Som performed at E.E. Pércio Puccini, Prof. Puccini's school.

With an audience made up of students and teachers, our band brightened up the afternoon to the sounds of "Pupila - ANAVITÓRIA and Vitor Kley", "O Sol - Vitor Kley", "Vou Deixar - Skank", "Meu Talismã - IZA" and "Equalize - Pitty".
On 2 September, it happened on Instituto SECI the 1st SECI Jiu-Jitsu Cup.

We inaugurated the new mats by welcoming 14 teams from different academies, as well as 5 students from our Competitive Training sessions and an audience of 80 people who came to watch.

We also managed to collect around 120kg of food, which was sent to the most vulnerable families at SECI.
On 25 August we handed out the boys' football uniforms.
We brought all the students together for two handovers, which took place in the morning and afternoon, in line with the students' training schedules.

And to help us with this super delivery, we received the help of volunteers from some of the companies that sponsor the No Gramado project: Melissa, Vitoria, Rafaela and Julio from Mercedes-Benz, Ricardo, Renata and Andressa from Cabot and Pedro from Indorama.
On the august 7, the Solta o Som project band gave another musical performance, this time at EMEIEF Cidade Takasaki, here in Santo André.

With a repertoire of high-spirited and fun songs, the band's students brightened up the afternoon for many children, who jumped and sang along to "Vou Deixar - Skank", "O Sol - Vitor Key", "Pupila - ANAVITÓRIA", "Ouvi Dizer - Melim" and "Balão Mágico"!
On 3 August, we made the handover with the help of representatives from the companies that sponsor the No Gramado football project: Indorama, Cabot and Chevron Oronite, in the morning and afternoon.

Our players deserve every recognition for shining on the pitch, and now even more so with uniforms that represent their strength and passion for the sport!