About us
Instituto SECI (Sociosports, Educational, Cultural and Innovative Institute) is a Non-Governmental Organization that works to combat inequality through Sports, Culture and Education. Our main objective is to ensure better life opportunities and full socio-educational development for about 1000 children and young people from "ABC Paulista" area in socially vulnerable situations. For this, we use transdisciplinary tools such as Football, Music and Education.
A team of people who believe in the power of the community to transform social reality.
Our history
Institutional evolution of the entity as Instituto SECI (Sociosports, Educational, Cultural and Innovative).
The educational soccer project becomes sponsored by incentive law and the first year of the cultural project is held.
Start of the Seci Social project as a free football school.
Foundation of Sociedade Esportiva Cidade Imaculada (SECI) as an amateur soccer team.
Promote social inclusion and human development by offering equal opportunities for access to Sports, Culture and Education, transforming realities and building a better world.
Build a more collaborative society that offers equal opportunities for all.
Children are protagonists
We believe in people
Educating is a collective process and everyone's responsibility
The team must always be in harmony
It's always possible to turn the game around
Cooperation and Competition
Learn to be
Learn to do
Learn to live together
Learn to know
3 S
2 S
1 S
4 S
4s - Methodology
Our work methodology consists of the combination of the 4 Education's Pillars of UNESCO and the Concepts of the Pedagogy of Sport, Competition and Cooperation:

1 – Learn to know: This pillar involves the act of building knowledge. More than teaching, we want to develop the curiosity to learn more and more;

2 – Learn to do: From the construction of knowledge, it is necessary for the child to understand from the critical analysis and put into practice what has been learned.

3 - Learn to live together: Learning at Instituto SECI is based on the presentation of a diverse and inclusive space. This way we create a less unequal space, strengthening respect, tolerance and empathy.

4 – Learn to be: People can change the world, that's what we believe. Therefore, we celebrate the diversity of personalities and talents through occasions that allow them to meet and interact with different cultures, social realities, artistic and sporting expressions.

Also part of our methodology are the principles of Cooperation and Competition that are developed in our activities that aim to encourage students to recognize their talents, abilities and limitations, seeking to overcome difficulties and their fears.
We are a team of people who believe in the power of the community to transform social reality.
  • Guilherme
  • Odara
    Project Manager
  • Tatinha
    Soccer Coach
  • Saraiva
    Soccer Coach
  • Pâmela
    Soccer Coach
  • Jaqueline
    Educational Guidance
  • Elaine
  • Marina
  • Alice
    Class Assistant
  • Ananda
  • Beatriz
  • Gustavo
  • Thayná
    People and Process Management
  • Giovanna
  • Aline
    Social Assistance
  • Cícero
    General Services Assistant
  • Joselito
  • Pablo
    Music Monitor
  • Minuto
    Guitar Teacher
  • Flávio
    Guitar Teacher
  • Nino
    Drum Teacher
  • Priscila
    Keyboard Teacher
  • Ivan
    Keyboard Teacher
  • Danilo
    Martial Arts Instructor
  • Aline
    Judo Sensei
  • Deise
    Karate Sensei
  • Diogo
    Jiu-Jitsu Sensei
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