Help to build opportunities for children!
Save Through Music
R$ 25
Athletes of the Future
R$ 50
Building bridges
R$ 75
Educate to win
Invest in the education of a child and help us guarantee this fundamental right. Donate hope and perspective for a promising future!
R$ 100
Make the future of our young people more colorful. Donate 100 reais and light the flame of the future!
Music has the power to touch the soul. Donate 50 reais and help several children to develop musical skills.
Sport changes lives. Donate 25 reais and contribute to transforming the reality of our young people.
About Us
The Seci Institute is a social organization whose mission is to build bridges for a better future in the lives of children and adolescents like Vitoria. We are the result of the integration between sport, culture and education. Through football, music and english classes, our team now serves 450 girls and boys from the Capuava community in Santo André, free of charge.

After more than 50 years since its foundation, Seci resists and, every year, continues to expand its operations. There are almost 15 thousand families indirectly impacted by our activities. With your support, we will continue to offer even more opportunities to our young people!

This is Vitoria!
Passionate about music and movies, Vitoria is a 14 year old girl who grew up with us. She arrived at Seci with only 8 years old, shy and of few words. We soon realized that, in music lessons, their eyes shone and smiles came easily!

Today she is one of the main voices in our singing lessons and is getting better at the violin every day! She loves to participate in activities at the Community Library, but our movie sessions has a special place in Mari's heart! She wants to be an actress and travel the world, in addition to being the singer of a famous band!

Instituto Seci believes in Mariana's dreams and in the dreams of all young people and children served by our projects! To guarantee a happy future and many achievements for all of them, your donation is essential!

Your generosity can transform lives!

Your donation can impact the lives of young people. Through donations like yours, the Seci Institute manages to provide assistance to 450 children and adolescents, weekly, offering an educational and social space for these young people. At Seci, they have contact with recreational activities that stimulate creativity and the development of essential skills to get good position jobs.
We are the result of the integration of Sport, Culture and Education

Like Vitoria, hundreds of children and adolescents are served free of charge by the Seci Institute. Through classes in football (male and female), music and bilingual football (sport training with English language teaching), our young people have access to basic rights that are fundamental to the exercise of citizenship.
Sport allows children to experience teamwork, develops emotional intelligence, reinforces values such as cooperation and competition, in addition to exercising responsibility.
Quality education, dynamic and integrated, makes it possible to train people with a broad, bold, empathic vision, offering a greater chance of access to the labor market and social insertion.
Music stimulates creativity and confidence, awakens talents and skills, develops body awareness and improves the ability to concentrate and memorize.
The Seci Institute has advanced and grown each year, thanks to the support and trust of people who believe in our work and give us the opportunity to make a difference more and more.
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Your contribution to our cause can come in different forms. All will be very welcome!

We are open to establishing partnerships, short or long term, that build bridges.
Your dedication and work make a difference directly in our actions.
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